Hey Guys.

2008-05-09 20:41:49 by DJMAX

Hey guys, if anybody wants to do a collab thing... i'd be happy to ablige...... i shud probably erase all my crappy anims off here tho first..... lols....... man i used to suck..... then i found newgrounds... and posted all my ancient crappy anims... lols.... anyhow. Email me.

Hey Guys.


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2008-06-06 21:31:44

U sound obsessed with circlechicka lols

DJMAX responds:

lol, pretty much. hehe. she helps me a lot.


2008-06-25 15:51:56

Whatever you're trying to do, good luck in succeeding in it. I really wish you the best with your website, so don't give out on hope, EVER.
(if people don't visit in the first week, don't worry! Maybe you could even put advertisements up).

DJMAX responds:

v3 is up! Its up! YOU GOTTA SEE IT!! http://djmax.sonicstrike.net


2008-06-25 16:13:04

You sure that you're 17? :P

DJMAX responds: